Navarang Talk: New Series, New Living

Hello…., the year of the Tiger that quickly entered the third month. And from now on, I, Apipu Phromyothi, Chief Executive Officer and Onkarit Phromyothi, Chief Operating Officer of Navarang Asset Co., Ltd., along with our team will come and greet you, to bring interesting good stories for you as a “developer” who “cares” and has a “passion” in building quality condominium and housing. To lead a life in the “Now Normal” and “Next Normal” era that is the best for everyone.

In the past, we see a lot of change including a new lifestyle, Now Normal, which has become something that we need to consider in the property development that meets the needs of the “new generation” as much as possible. And what we can clearly see is urban people want “Larger” areas for living to meet the needs of “Work From Home” and spending more time with beloved family members. Above all, we clearly see that residents want to “Extend their Happiness” in every single day.

When the urban lifestyle has fully adapted to the Now Normal lifestyle, “2-bedroom condominiums” which has both of more spacious usable area and more complete functions have become more popular. As it can allocate internal space to be proportional and accepts living for a family of 3-4 people comfortably.

The essential and valuable parts of buying a 2-bedroom condominium are not only the room function interiorly, but also need to focus on the common areas that will be able to answer every member of the family’s lifestyle. Whether its green spaces, co-working spaces, parking spaces, fitness centers, recreation areas or spaces where the members can do activities together. To add more smiles and happiness in the family. Moreover, convenience of traveling as the location is nearby BTS, reducing travel time. Close to hospitals, schools, shopping malls. and a community source in a distance that is suitable for the life of members of all ages in the family.

Na Reva Charoennakhon” the premium-tier high-rise condominium project with 29 storeys, overlooking to the Chao Phraya River, along Charoennakhon Soi 58 is another proud of “Navarang Asset”. It has launched a new unit (New Series) with 2 bedrooms unit where combining 2 units together (combined unit) to give you a larger size unit at 65.90 square meters. Consisting of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 car parks, the design combines timeless beauty with the right function to meet a new generation family’s needs. Providing privacy in every area, make the living atmosphere like being at “home” while enjoying the view of the Chao Phraya River every day. Underneath the concept “Home-Life-Art”, new unit, New Series, starting price 9.9 million Baht*. If interested, add Line to @navarangasset or click We are ready to increase the area and add happiness to every family.

See you again…stay healthy

Navarang Asset

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