Na Reva Charoennakhon held scented candle workshop for ‘Kaidee’ clients

February 2022 | Na Reva Charoennakhon

Na Reva Charoennakhon held scented candle workshop for ‘Kaidee’ clients, e-commerce platform in Thailand to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can do something special for your friends and family on this day. Scented candle workshop was selected since candles can be another perfect gift idea and scent can create pleasant atmosphere and represent your personal charming character.

Candle-making instructor gave advices and recommended aroma to create new scents for clients; starting from mixing melted soy wax with your favorite scent, add color to your candle, then decorate with dried flowers selection for the very best in unique. The benefit of scent is to help you relieve from stress, feel calmer and happier, and lift your mood. You can add a nice combination of scented candles to any space and can be another decorative object.

  • Vanilla – Warm, cozy, and comforting
  • Peppermint – Cool & Refreshing
  • Chocolate – Delicious and 100% calorie-free

It was great having all clients at the event under COVID-19 precaution procedures. Please keep visiting us for future events and can follow our event calendar at | | FB: Navarang Asset

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