Behind the Success of Navarang Asset

Behind the success of Navarang Asset stands Two Men with passion and determination in real estate business, Mr. Kamchorndej Phromyothi (Dej) – the father of Mr. Apipu and Ms. Kalyada Phromyothi and Mr. Jedkamchorn Phromyothi (Jed) – the father of Mr. Onkarit and Mr. Varakorn Phromyothi, all new generation of executive team of Navarang Asset. Both of them are still physically and socially active even reaching 80 years old.  For the past 6 years, they have been working as ‘Senior Advisor’ at Navarang Asset.

Mr. Kamchorndej and Mr. Jedkamchorn Phromyothi are twin brothers and business partners passionate in real estate development. They turned their expertise into business reality. They started running residential building – Back in 1998 Baan Na Varang Condominium –  a 24-storey condominium on Langsuan Road, comprising of 95 units had been completely constructed during Thailand’s 1997 financial crisis but they finally could thrive together.

Mr. Kamchorndej Phromyothi brought his work experiences in leading financial institutions for more than 15 years, responsible for Finance & Accounting and Marketing of Baan Na Varang Condominium said that ‘the way of Marketing has not much changed. As a marketeer, we have to know our target audience and their specific preference so that we can differentiate and design our product to match their requirement.

As an architect of the project, Mr. Jedkamchorn Phromyothi – the owner of Interdesign Co.,Ltd experiencing in hotel and residential buildings design; both domestic and international projects said that “Apart from the shape of building and room size, another thing that we should focus is in-room functional space. Following the news and non-stop learning is very beneficial due to design trend keeps changing all the time. We can use the updated knowledge to apply in architectural working method”.

Inheriting a company from their parents plus their children’s determination and dedication. Navarang Asset Co.,Ltd has been set up since 2015 by Khun Apipu Phromyothi (CEO) and Khun Onkarit Phromyothi (COO). It has been already 6 years and the company steadily grows bigger and stronger.

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