New Highway Extension Near Baan Nara Wongwaen-Ramintra

Chalongrat – Nakhon Nayok- Saraburi Highway Extention Project near Baan Nara Wongwaen Ramintra

The starting point of the new development is at the current Chalong Rat Highway at Chatuchote checkpoint and end at Kaeng Khoi district of Saraburi Province. The extension will be a short-cut straight to Saraburi, total distance of 104.7 kilometers. If we drive at the speed of 120 kilometers per hour, we could reach the destination within one hour which will benefit to Baan Nara Wongwaen-Ramintra homeowners in terms of transportation convenience.

Just 5 minutes to Chatuchote checkpoint. Living the ultimate life at Baan Nara Wongwaen-Ramintra could create 2 living style in a blink of an eyes; working mode in new Central Business District or having family time in upcountry like Nakhonnayok, Saraburi, or Khao Yai

Baan Nara Wongwaen-Ramintra, a Modern-European single-detached house exclusively for 18 families. ‘Flexible Area’ can be transformed into any lifestyle for families. Starting price at 16.59 MB*. Register for special privileges up to 200,000 Baht*

*Terms & conditions apply.

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