Ground Breaking Ceremony marks the construction start of Na Reva Charoennakhon

From the left: 
Ms. Kalyada Phromyothi (Executive Director)Navarang Asset Co.,Ltd
Mr. Varakorn Phromyothi (Executive Director)Navarang Asset Co.,Ltd
Mr. Pisun Sirisuksakulchai (Senior Executive Vice President)Pylon Public Company Limited
Mr. Jarun Weerapongwattanakul (Managing Director)Engineering Plus Co.,Ltd
Mr. Apipu Phromyothi (Chief Executive Officer)Navarang Asset Co.,Ltd
Mr. Kamchorndej Phromyothi (Senior Advisor)Navarang Asset Co.,Ltd
Mr. Onkarit Phromyothi (Chief Operating Officer)Navarang Asset Co.,Ltd
Mr. Sawat Tilarak (Director)Engineering Plus Co.,Ltd
Mr. Supakit Pethleam (Project Director)Engineering Plus Co.,Ltd

24 December 2021 marks the start of piling work for Na Reva Charoennakhon, 29-storey condominium overlooking Chao Phraya River with utmost privacy. This project is a joint venture between Navarang Asset and Paramount Corporation Berhad, one of top ranking investment holdings in Malaysia.

Led by Mr. Apipu Phromyothi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Mr. Onkarit Phromyothi, Chief Operating Officer (COO) from Navarang Asset along with management team from Pylon Public Company Limited, Thailand’s pioneer in piling work and Engineering Plus Co., Ltd as our project consultant.

Na Reva Charoennakhon is the first high-rise development of Navarang Asset. A 29-storey residential condominium comprising of 253 units, borne of timeless aesthetic that blends both style and practicality, meet the needs of multi-generations overlooking Chao Phraya with utmost privacy. It stands in a location conductive to relaxation, yet is only 10 minutes from the Sathorn business district. Immerse inspiration from the Chao Phraya River in the place where waterfront life and the heart of the city meet.

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