Navarang Asset X Patom Supporting sustainable living environments

Start at Home – At Navarang Asset we are responsible for the communities that we build, and the communities that provide sustainable living environments. Patom – a well-known organic brand of food, body care and lifestyle products are made under the concept of ‘Organic Living’ with a zero waste philosophy, being mindful how to use the resources to the fullest and honor the energy that goes into the overall creation. Sustainable energy is an investment in our collective future.

By supporting Patom we support the ‘Sampran Model Movement’ under Sookjai Foundation, which help farmers to shift from conventional to organic farming and help them find new marketing channels for a sustainable future which will be beneficial for our communities, farmers, and our planet. With traceability in mind, the products are made in our GMP certified factory from organic raw materials from our farm, but most comes from local organic farmer’s network.

“Patom supports direct relationship between farmers and consumers. Thus, farmers can control their pricing structures, and consumers can buy organics at a reasonable price direct from farmers. 3% of sales is donated to Sookjai Foundation.” said Mr. Anak Navaraj, Director of Patom Organic Living.

Miss Kalyada Phromyothi, Executive Director of Navarang Asset said “organic products have gained popularity since people are more concerned on their health benefits. Organic products become another consumer choice because of no chemical pesticide and naturally-grown. Navarang Asset have trusted in ‘Patom’ products which are made in GMP certified factory from organic raw materials and the company treasures overall environment, same as Navarang Asset who takes living under sustainable environment into account”

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