Functionality – Baan Nara Wongwaen-Ramintra

Continue from July issue, We are going into details of the functionality of Baan Nara Wongwaen-Ramintra. Let’s check out 2 types of homes and its ‘Flexible Area’ which suits all family’s member lifestyles. Baan Nara Wongwaen-Ramintra, a Modern-European single-detached house exclusively for 18 families. ‘Flexible Area’ can be transformed into any lifestyle for families. Price ranges from 14-20 Million Baht.

TypeA (Narinthara)

  • Land area68 sq.wah
  • Usablearea 299 sq.m
  • 5 Bedrooms / 4 Bathrooms /
  • 1 Multi-purpose Room / 3 Parkings
  • Landscape at the side of housing

Highlight of ‘Narinthara’ is the foyer that is considered as a Transition Space before entering the home. It can bring added value to be built-in shoes cabinet, display cabinet, or umbrella stand. Transition Spaces are getting more important during the era of New Normal. This is where you can get shoes, parcels, and shopping bags sanitized before entering the living area to ensure safety of the family.

Under the concept of ‘Flexible area’, homes need to be able to adapt to a variety of owners’ needs. It can be connected to other rooms or kept private. This area can fit a dining table with 6-8 chairs for a big family.

Type B (Narinthira)

  • Land area 68 sq.wah
  • Usable area up to 304 sq.m
  • 5 Bedrooms / 4 Bathrooms /
  • 1 Multi-purpose Room / 3 Parkings

When you enter ‘Narinthira’ type, you can see double volume space right in front, with large windows that bring more natural lights into the home, creating fresh and spacious modern living.

The Dining area is designed to easily be connected with the living room and kitchen. This combined space, perfect for the entire family to share a memorable dining experience, create a spacious feel, and help the flow of traffic.

2nd and 3rdfloor have the same floor plan.

2nd floor, Multi-purpose room or Study Area blends in beautifully with double volume space, overlooking the living area. This corner can be decorated in a way that makes you feel best and express your lifestyle.

The Master Bedroom with in-suite bathroom including bathtub, a his & her sinks and walk-in closet. Every square metres of your master bedroom is well-optimized.

On the 3rd floor, there are 2 bedrooms for the children or it can be transformed to a private fitness, working area or you lifestyle orientation.

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